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Auto Oil Change, Engine Oil, Air Filter, Oil FilterOwning a vehicle is a big investment for most people. Make sure your car will last for years by staying on top of routine maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Regular engine oil changes will keep your engine running great. Motor oil is an essential consumable item for your vehicle’s engine. It lubricates moving parts and helps prevent excess friction & heat from damaging them. Fresh engine oil also deters oxidation and corrosion. Old motor oil cannot cool, lubricate, and protect the engine, so replace it regularly. Let Wentworth Automotive show you why they are the best auto oil change in San Diego. Schedule a service appointment today for an engine oil change, fluids check, oil filter, and air filter replacement.

Autumn Routine Maintenance

Autumn is a great time to schedule routine maintenance. The extreme heat of summer is winding down, and your car is most likely ready for a little TLC. Having routine maintenance before the weather turns cold is also a good idea. Nothing ruins a driving trip like being stuck on the side of the road in the rain with car troubles. 

Motor Oil Change

How often you have your motor oil changed depends on several factors. Start with what your owner’s manual suggests, then customize it to fit your driving style, environment, and needs. Routinely driving in heavy traffic or dusty locations can affect your auto oil change intervals. A quality auto service center can help determine the best motor oil change schedule for you and your car.

Which Motor Oil Should I Use?

Most modern motor oils now come in multi-viscosity varieties that automatically adjust to temperature changes with the seasons. These oils are designated by the high and low numbers in their name (i.e., SAE 10W-30 and SAE 0W-40 for European cars). Read your owner’s manual to discover the manufacturer’s suggested type and weight of engine oil for your vehicle. Have a qualified service technician help you choose the correct oil for your automobile if your driving needs fall outside ‘normal use.’ 

Engine Oil Filter

The oil filter in your car’s engine removes particulates from the system. Replace them every time you change your oil.

Air Filter

The air filter helps your combustion engine breathe. It filters solid particles like pollen, dirt, mold, and bacteria from the air, preventing them from entering the engine’s components and causing unnecessary wear. Spring and summer pollen can quickly clog an air filter, so replace it if it looks clogged or dirty.

Quality Auto Oil Change Services

When you schedule an Oil Change Service at Wentworth Automotive in San Diego, we will change your vehicle’s oil in a matter of minutes, and our friendly service technicians will also check your auto’s fluids and make sure the air filter and oil filter are clean and performing correctly.


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