The normal operating temperature of your car is probably somewhere around 200 degrees. 


That’s pretty hot!


The vehicles of today are designed for performance — benefitting from technological advances in pressurized systems. 


Sharp increases or decreases in temperature, stop-and-go-driving, and long drives all put your engine under a lot of stress, which can hinder performance. 


A recent trend in the industry has been using oil supplements like BG MOA to enrich and empower engines. 


But the question is, does it really work? 


The answer put simply, is yes. Choosing the right engine oil supplement has been proven to substantially enhance both the longevity and performance of your vehicle’s engine. 


Need proof? Read on to find out why BG MOA comes recommended by the most trusted auto mechanics.  


How BG MOA Works

BG MOA is a specially designed formula that helps your vehicle to maintain peak engine performance by preventing oxidation and oil thickening. 


High engine temperatures and oxygen readings provide your vehicle with strength, power, and performance. But there’s a cost, as well. 


This constant heat and oxidation process puts stress on the components of your car or truck’s engine. The pressurization system then enters a state of thermal breakdown or oxidative breakdown, which causes oil thickening and reduced effectiveness. At worst, it could even lead to the buildup of deposits. 


BG MOA works to protect the components of your engine. Not only does it prevent potential complications that could result in a repair, but it also makes your car more fuel-efficient — saving you money over the long haul. 


Additionally, the life span of your engine will be extended. This is because the components aren’t undergoing near as much wear and tear when lubricated with BG MOA. 


How to Get BG MOA 


So, how do you get BG MOA into your engine anyway? 


With the correct expertise, there is potential that you could install BG MOA yourself. However, most drivers elect to have the supplement added by trusted professionals who have the expertise to get your engine operating at maximum capacity. 


Depending on who you go to, this service can run you anywhere from $25 to $100. 


Even despite the price, the supplement certainly pays for itself in the long run by protecting and extending your engine’s valuable parts. 




Does BG MOA sound like a good investment for your engine? 

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