Keeping Your Car ‘Super Cool’ This Summer

Welcome to summer and fun in the sun! Before you hit the road, don’t forget to get your car’s
AC looked over and refreshed. Keeping a well-maintained system will ensure it doesn’t fail you
on a scorching summer day. Let’s explore the benefits of this important service.

First, comfort. Imagine driving on a hot day, and the inside of your car is becoming
unbearable. He AC system is a savior to you and your passengers, don’t let it fail you in
your time of need. To maintain that cool interior you will need a properly functioning

Second, health and safety. There is more to the system than comfort alone. The AC system
uses filters and helps circulate air. The filters remove dust, allergens, and pollutants from
inside the car. By improving the quality of air inside the vehicle, the risk of respiratory
issues decreases. The AC system can also prevent driver fatigue, boosting road safety.

Third, defogging and demisting. When it is cold or humid, a well-maintained system plays
a role in defogging and demisting the windows. Keeping clear windows lets you keep your
focus on the road and keep you and your family safe while driving.

Fourth, system longevity. To save money in the long run, regularly maintaining your AC
system can extend its life span. Getting routing check-ups and filter replacements ensures
the system is in good working order. Not only does this prevent costly repairs in the future,
it will help the longevity of the AC system when you need it.

Fifth, fuel efficiency. When your well-maintained AC system is performing at an optimal
level, it can contribute to fuel efficiency by putting less strain on the engine. The load on
the engine is reduced, and fuel economy is improved. Keeping up on maintenance not only
saves you future repair costs, but also saves fuel costs on your trips.

The final reason you should keep your AC in tip top shape is, resale value. Keeping the AC
well maintained increases the resale value of the vehicle. Buyers who are confident they
will ride in comfort, will find your vehicle more attractive for purchase.

Keeping these six things in mind, your see your vehicle’s AC system is more than just a
comfort on a hot day. Regular checkups and maintenance on your AC system will give you
many more worry-free summers to play. Give your car and your trips the love they deserve
and make an appointment today. Stay road safe and have happy travels this summer!!

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