Summertime Auto Maintenance, HVAC System, Tire Tread, Leaking Auto Fluids, Car BatteryThe sun is finally making an appearance, school is out, and it is time to plan your summer vacation. Before you leave on your road trip, check your owner’s manual to see which summertime auto maintenance items need service. Use our handy checklist to quickly inspect each area of concern, including the HVAC system, tire tread, car battery, and leaking auto fluids.

Summertime Auto Maintenance 

You can perform these Summertime Auto Maintenance inspections yourself or schedule a service so a certified service technician can quickly get you on the road.

Leaking Auto Fluids 

A quick check under your car can reveal all kinds of leaking auto fluids. How does one determine what they are? This handy chart can help you narrow down leaking auto fluids and how to address the issue.

Coolant Levels

Prevent an overheating vehicle by checking the coolant level when the engine is turned off and cold. Check the plastic reservoir to see if there is enough fluid. If the level is below the maximum mark, verify the type and concentration of fluid your vehicle uses before adding more. Schedule a service if the coolant looks oily, rusty, or leaking, which can signify a more significant issue. A sweet-smelling, neon-colored puddle under your car usually indicates a coolant leak.

Engine Oil

Your vehicle’s engine relies on fresh oil to run smoothly. However, with use, engine oil degrades and accumulates impurities. Inspect it monthly to retain a suitable oil level. Always follow your manufacturer’s recommendations for engine oil change intervals. Remember, extreme driving conditions (towing heavy loads, steep terrain, or heavy traffic) can impact service needs. Dark brown or black greasy spots under your auto may be leaking oil.

Windshield Wiper Fluid

You never know what may happen on a summertime road trip. With a full wiper fluid reservoir, you can tackle a swarm of bugs that may hit your windshield. Wiper fluid is usually light blue but can come in different colors and formulas. It smells like window cleaner and dries pretty quickly.

Tires & Brakes

Since your tires are the only thing keeping your car on the road, proper tire summertime auto maintenance is vital for your safety.

Tire Tread

Check all tires for adequate tire tread (including the spare) by using a penny or have a service technician check them for you.

Tire Air Pressure

Did you know that both temperature and elevation affect your tire pressure? As the temperature rises outside, the pressure increases inside your tires. Driving on a blacktop roadway during a hot day can quickly alter the pressure in your tires from safe to unsafe. 

An elevation increase (or decrease) can also affect tire pressure because the atmospheric pressure changes. Many manufacturers equip vehicles with a tire pressure dash light. If it lights up while traveling, safely pull over and check the tire pressure on all tires. You may need to adjust your tire pressure to maintain safe driving conditions.

Wheel Alignment & Tire Balancing

  • Wheel Alignment: Uneven tire tread wear may indicate your vehicle needs an ailment. Correctly aligned tires increase fuel efficiency, so checking them is a good idea.
  • Tire Balancing: Unbalanced tires can create vibration or noise when driving at higher speeds. Neither is comfortable on a long drive. 


The brakes are one of the most critical safety components in your car. Before any extensive road trip, make sure your pads, disks, shoes, and/or drums are solid. Also, check that your brake lights are in good working order.

HVAC System

Air Conditioning

An air conditioner service checks the refrigerant levels and all the relevant HVAC system components. This maintenance service is essential if you plan on driving in hot locations this summer. Maintaining a cool interior is more than just personal comfort; it is also safer. Dehydration can happen quickly in a hot car, causing you, your family, and your pets to become dangerously overheated.

Engine Air Filter & Cabin Air Filter

  • The engine air filter assists the combustion process in your engine. It should be inspected and replaced if necessary before a summer road trip. 
  • The cabin air filter helps your HVAC system run colder and keeps unpleasant odors, pollen, and debris from entering the vehicle’s interior.

Car Battery

Cleaning a car battery is a simple, routine auto maintenance task anyone can do. Follow these simple steps, or bring your car battery to your local service center for an inspection.

Routine Auto Maintenance Intervals

Automobile manufacturers recommend a regular maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle working at its best. Find these recommendations in your owner’s manual. 

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