Southern California drivers put up with some of the toughest traffic conditions in the world. Depending on your commute or weekend outing you could potentially be stuck in stop-and-go traffic for hours. Despite the splendid sunshine and clear skies, these can be considered severe driving conditions for any vehicle no matter the make or model. Wentworth Automotive is located just North of San Diego and is very familiar with the automotive issues that Southern California drivers face on a daily basis.

Several issues related to stop-and-go traffic often manifest themselves through your braking system. Your steering wheel shakes while braking, this can mean that it’s time to get your brakes checked as there could be a problem with your brake pads or rotors. Your steering wheel might also shake when traveling at higher speeds which could be due to a brake caliper sticking when it should not. These issues can be quickly diagnosed and repaired. Here at Wentworth Automotive we promote healthy vehicle maintenance and based on the current condition of your car, truck or SUV we can suggest a maintenance schedule that works for you and your vehicle. This type of regular service will allow us to help you avoid being stranded in a parking lot or suffer costly roadside breakdowns.

Vehicle Maintenance Kearny Mesa CA

Are you past due for an oil change? Don’t fret, most modern cars, trucks and SUVs can go longer than the three month or 3,000 mile service intervals suggested by your manufacturer, but regular maintenance such as oil changes and brake checks can help catch smaller issues before they have a chance to become bigger problems later down the road.

Even though your car may be able to go longer between oil changes there are several components in your vehicle, such as belts, hoses, and other fluids, that are subject to wear and tear. Having these items inspected by a professional mechanic can prevent leaks or engine damage that are otherwise relatively easy to prevent.

So if you have any vehicle maintenance questions or want to get that oil change you’ve been putting off, feel free to drive on by, give us a call or conveniently schedule your appointment online for a time that works best for you!