We’ve all experienced it: there’s no wind, no reason for your car to suddenly be pulling to one side, but here you are struggling to keep yourself going straight down the road. One of the biggest reasons your car or truck pulls in one direction might be that your car is in need of a wheel alignment. To get the best care for your car, there are some things you’ll want to understand.

Definition of Wheel Alignment

When you take your car in for an alignment, your mechanic will adjust the angle of your tires so that they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground so that the front and back tires “track” correctly. Terms that you might hear from your mechanic are caster, camber, and toe.

Symptoms of Wheel Alignment Problems

You’ll start to see some distinct issues when it comes to alignment problems.

  • Pulling to the right or left.
  • Uneven or rapid tire wear.
  • Shakes or vibrates
  • Crooked Steering wheel while driving

Tire Wear

Tire shoulder wear is the most common, resulting in one side of the tire wearing out faster than the other. This reveals that the camber angles are out of alignment.

Car Shakes, Vibrates or Makes Noises

Caster angles may be out of whack that causes your suspension (shocks, struts, etc.) to wear out, creates tires that are out of balance, or warps brake rotors. You may even start to hear squeaking, creaking, and other noises that means you’ve got a serious steering or suspension problem. These worn-out components can end up causing strange noises and serious safety problems.

Causes that Affect Wheel Alignment

If your car has started to pull one way or another, there are several distinct causes that your mechanic can then diagnose and solve.

Steering Components and Suspension Parts

The two common causes of your steering wheel pulling to one side are your steering components and suspension parts wearing down. Bad roads can also cause your car to jerk and jostle around, resulting in your car needing realignment.

Benefits of Alignment

Getting a regular alignment can help you keep your car safe and running smoothly along with several other distinct benefits. Firstly, it will prolong your tire life and improve handling. Secondly, a wheel alignment will also increase your gas mileage, reduce suspension parts wear and tear, and improve overall safety on the road.

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